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Kindergarten 2015 Orientation Morning

Our Kindergarten 2015 Orientation morning will be held on Monday 8 September from 9:30am. Our prospective students will have an opportunity to spend some time in our existing Kindergarten classroom and meet their buddies for next... Read more

When older kids struggle with reading

When older kids struggle to read and write, the issue can become fraught for the whole family. Parents can lose their patience and blame the child or themselves and the child loses their confidence and begins shying away from... Read more

Commemerative Quilt of Rememberance

This month, August 2014, the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. To mark the significance of this, the Knitter–Natters will be embarking on a craft project to produce a Wrap of... Read more

Hornsby Heights Public School aims to create a vibrant and engaging school community where children feel valued and are motivated to learn. We value respect, responsibility and personal best in all members of our school community.